Minister's letter

A message


from Des Colechin


(Licensed Lay Minister)





A Pause for Thought at Eastertide

Jesus said ‘I am the way and the truth and the life’.  
John 14:6.  Have you ever had times when you feel very insecure?  Maybe it is because you are going into an unknown situation, moving to a new area, taking a new job; all can make you feel insecure.  Having to meet and talk with people you have never met before, being unsure of what will happen next can all add to the feeling of insecurity.  This was the situation the disciples found themselves in.  Jesus was telling them of the future for him and that they would not have him with them for much longer.  Jesus himself was concerned at the effect his death would have on them all.  So he tried to get them to understand why it has to happen.  He was reassuring them that though he would not be there in person he would still be with them in Spirit.




He told the disciples he was the way, the truth and the life.  But what did he mean?  Let’s look at the three words.  Way, Truth, Life.  Firstly ‘Way’, what is the meaning of this word?  If you look it up in the dictionary the meaning is: passage, road, direction of motion, opportunity to advance, manner of life.  What does the word ‘Way’ mean for you?  What was Jesus meaning?  He was telling his disciples that if they believed in him then he would be their way to eternal life.  His example would lead them through all they had to face in the future.  He would be their strength in all they did and said.  The Holy Spirit would come to be with them always and everywhere.  Now we, as his modern-day disciples, can take comfort from this because what Jesus said all those years ago to his followers is as true today for us as it was for his followers then.  Following Jesus will lead us to that eternal life.  So does the word ‘WAY’ mean that for you?



Then what about ‘Truth’, again let us look at the definition in the dictionary.  We read ‘Truth’ means: faithfulness, constancy, agreement with reality, an established fact.  What does the word mean for you?  To me truth means being honest in what you say.  Jesus’ meaning of the word was eternal truth through his words.  How true that is today as it was in his time.  How many times do you read or hear the stories Jesus told to the people and think “How true that is even today”.  Alright - the characters need to be changed to those we meet in our everyday lives but that is all.  Jesus was telling his disciples that his word was the truth and that their believing in it would lead to eternal life.  The same applies to us if we have a belief in his truth that we too can be lead to that eternal life, that life with no beginning or end, ceaseless, everlasting.  Is that Truth alive for you?





What about the word ‘Life’.  I looked again at the dictionary definition.  Some of the meanings of the word are: state of being alive, union of soul and body, the period between birth and death, animation, a living being; to name just a few.  But what was Jesus saying to his disciples in using this word in the phrase.  He was telling them that he was in their ‘life’, he had become part of their lives and in fact the whole of their lives.  What does the word ‘Life’ mean for you and me?  It is much more than the time we spend on this planet that God created.  Our ‘Life’ is the body we live in on earth, the soul that makes us the person we are, that inner place where God communes with us by the power of his spirit; that allows us to achieve so much more than we ever felt possible.


So as we journey on, may we each feel the touch of God’s hand journeying with us remembering that:

Jesus is the Way, so just follow him;
Jesus is the Truth, which everyone seeks;
Jesus is the Life, and he holds the key to eternity.



Des Colechin