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Guidelines for Worship from Sunday 30th Jan




1.  At present we would still encourage people to take a Lateral Flow Test before coming to Church, if they can. 

2.  People do not have to wear face coverings in Church, although we will respect any individual's desire to do so. In order to respect the wishes of those who still wish to wear masks and socially distance, the South Aisle of St James and the North Aisles of the other three churches will be set aside as areas where people will need to wear masks and respect social distancing measures (i.e. one meter distance between people unless from the same family). In the rest of the Church people will be free to sit together in the appropriate pews and not have to wear face coverings. 

3.  We will still expect people to please sanitise their hands on entry to the church for worship.

4.  For Communion Services we will no longer be isolating any pews as communion will now be distributed from the front. Please follow the directions of the Sides People when going up to receive communion. 

5.  Communion will still be only in one kind (the Bread) with only the Priest having wine.

6.  Servers and Deacons can now return in full to our worship with the exception that the Priest will continue to set the altar.

7.  The Peoples Ciborium will remain covered during the Eucharistic Prayer

8.  Priests will continue to sanitise before the distribution of communion and will wear a face covering when giving out communion.

9.  The Peace will continue to be shared in a Covid secure way as at present

10. Sacristans and Servers can prepare all the vessels beforehand and set up the altar

11. Congregational singing can return to all our church services and choirs will continue to sing from the chancel. 

12. Full eucharisitc music settings can now be sung as well as Hymns and Anthems


Refreshment after Services and at other Church Events


Refreshments can be served after Worship and in our Church Buildings, but full hygiene guidelines must be followed and those serving the refreshment must wear appropriate gloves and face coverings at all times. In no circumstances must a self service buffet or something similar operate. People should not crowd the serving area giving appropriate space to others


Seating limits are as follows 


St Peters:     200

St Michaels  160

St James      130

All Saints        90


Life Events (Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals) the limits are set in consultation with the Family and the Minister taking the Service but must not exceed the limits I have set for each Church. The wearing of masks and other Hygiene protocols will be discussed between the Minister and the Family


Social Events or Hall and other Hirings; number limits are set by the people organising the event but in no circumstance must exceed the usual 'health and safety and fire safety capacity of the venue, or the limit put in place by the Rector as in the case of a Church Building. It is up to those organising the event to decide protocol re face coverings, but all Hygiene rules must be followed.


Church Meetings like PCC's and planning meetings etc; it is up to individuals to make their own personal decision about wearing masks, there is no requirement but we do ask that seating allows people space so we are not sat on top of each other as it were, given that meetings are likely to last over an hour.


These are the principal points and will be the guidelines we follow until a further review at the next Worship Advisory Meeting on March 8th; unless of course there becomes an increased threat of a further wave of Covid 19.


I hope you agree we have continued our practice of being 'Progressively Cautious'; if you have any further questions of clarification please do contact me and I will try to address them.


God Bless and Stay Safe


Fr Malcolm