Previous Messages from the Rector

From the Rector - 21st June
Tackling racial injustice in Bristol Diocese, church opening times and our pastoral plan

From the Rector - 12th June
Churches opening for private prayer, plus Coming Through Lockdown Together

From the Rector - 7th June
Trinity Sunday, churches opening soon for private prayer

From the Rector - 31st May
Pentecost, saying goodbye to Kandis, and a letter from the Sisters of the Church

From the Rector - 24th May
Ascension Day, fundraising and Kandis's last Sunday

From the Rector - 17th May
Rogation Sunday, prayer walk, Kandis leaving

From the Rector - 10th May
Resources for young people, changing guidelines and sponsored prayer walk

From the Rector - 3rd May
Stewardship, sponsored prayer walk, VE Day

From the Rector - 1st May
A message about VE Day celebrations

From the Rector - 26th April
A message from Malcolm and Jo