Minister's letter

A message for April


from Jo Strange




I have recently been blessed with the gift of a second gorgeous grandson, Jack.  As I first held him in my arms a few weeks ago I was overcome once again with feelings of total wonder, awe and, of course, love at the gift and miracle of new life.


This experience has enabled me to reflect a little more deeply o what Easter means to us – the offer to us all of the gift of new life in Christ.  As we celebrate the festival of Easter we are all invited by Jesus to accept this free gift of new life in Him gained through His cross.  However, I fear that possibly because we have heard the story of the events of Holy Week culminating in Jesus’ death on the cross and subsequent resurrection so often, at least for me, and I suspect for many of us, there is a danger of a somewhat apathetic response to hearing this life changing story once again.  A danger which arises when we become over familiar with a story.  But surely the gift this story offers each one of us, however far we may feel we have moved from God, is one to be celebrated and rejoiced in over and over again.  For as we know, through the cross and resurrection Jesus took on our sinfulness because of his unconditional love for us all so we’re loved and accepted as an invaluable part of His family forever. 


This is ‘good news’ indeed for us all but particularly for any of us who may be going through tough times – whether that be ill health, work worries, money worries, concerns around family members, or any other struggles we may be facing.  However hard and sometimes ‘dark’ life may feel, Easter reminds us that Jesus is walking every step of our journey with us and as we are clearly told in the bible NOTHING can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.  This is indeed the most special gift for any of us so as we celebrate Easter let’s remind ourselves once again that Jesus is holding us through the good and difficult times. 


Let us cast off any apathetic feelings and truly declare ‘He is risen indeed’ and celebrate all that means to us in reality – new life in which our Lord walks with us.  Alleluia!!!



Blessings, Jo Strange

Lay Minister