Minister's letter


A thought for October

from the Revd. David Jones

This morning was the first time we all got up to go about our days in the dark since we moved home.  A stark reminder that the summer is ended and autumn is now upon us, the physical season of the year is changing. We plan all sorts of things for the seasons of the year, when we plant or trim back, when we switch the contents of the wardrobe and the shoe rack and often it affects what food we eat, do I have soup or salad?


Yesterday I attended the funeral of a lovely lady I worked with over fifteen years ago and one of the readings really struck a chord, ‘For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven’ (Ecclesiastes 3, NRSV) It reminded me that it is not just the year that rolls in seasons but our lives and although the physical seasons of the year are fairly predictable (perhaps less so in recent years), our lives are often less clear where the seasons are changing. I worked with her, even shared a phone with her, knew about her children and grand-children, but that season ended, time moved on and so did we.


As a family we are just a short way into the new season in our lives and we adjust to the new pattern of life now the honeymoon summer draws to a close. Our current season sees us moving to Bradley Stoke and sees me ordained as Deacon into the role of a Curate in the Fromeside Benefice of Churches. That probably does not mean a lot to most, but to me that has been a faithful obedience to the call of God on my life. The call of God to ordination has been there a long time. It was inevitable that obedience to my calling was going to have a profound effect on the other aspects of my life, perhaps this was a reason I resisted for more than a short while. I had never lived over a mile and a quarter from the home I grew up in and Fishponds is the only area I’d ever called home. The youngest children have started at new schools and Elaine finds herself adjusting to a new school playground for drop off and pick up after 16 years in the last one. I have had a head start in the Fromeside Benefice having spent two years commuting to it during the short study period.   I think that was a good season, it helped secure my place here for this new season.



I am drawn to a sporting analogy (too much time with Malcolm already!). Many sports work in seasons and the aim of every sports person or team is always to do better in the new season than they did in the last. I can assure you as a Rovers fan, this is not something that I have witnessed as often as I’d like!  But my aim is the same, I am to be the best I can be in this season, the person God has called me to be. I have prepared for this current season better than I have any season before, yet this season we know is a platform to the next as the one before was to this. I aim to learn new skills, develop new relationships and explore all that the current season has to offer. Like with any sports team there will be some challenges on the way and not everything will go according to plan. But we are thoroughly excited to find out what the season will bring and to meet and get to know the people we will be sharing it with.





May God’s blessing be upon us all, now and always.

Rev’d David Jones

Fromeside Benefice