Events this year

We had so much arranged for this year - sadly most will have been or will have to be postponed but this list will perhaps give a flavour of what we can all hope for in future years.


 Sat 13th Jun    St Peter's Summer Fair  Bridge House
 Sat 13th Jun    St Michael's  Annual Concert  St Michael's Church
 Sat 20th Jun    Strawberry Soiree  All Saints'
 Sat 25th Jul    Safari Dinner  All Saints'
 Sat 8th Aug    Quiet Day  Iron Acton
 29-31 Aug    Art Exhibition  St Peter's,
 Frampton Cotterell
 Sat 3rd Oct    Table Top Sale  St Peter's,
 Frampton Cotterell
 Sat 10th Oct    Harvest Supper  Iron Acton Village Hall
 Sat 31st Oct    Grand Afternoon Tea  All Saints' Church Hall
 Sat 14th Nov    St Peter's Christmas Fair  St Peter's,
 Frampton Cotterell
 Sat 28th Nov    Quiet Day  St Peter's,
 Frampton Cotterell
 Sat 5th Dec    St James' Christmas Fair  Iron Acton Village Hall
 Tues 8th Dec    Drop-in for the Homeless    All Saints' Church Hall